A New Website

Welcome to my new website based on the WordPress publishing platform.

My previous website was developed using PHP and SASS as part of a several year voyage into designing and implementing a custom and simplistic PHP framework. Since its inception, the PHP backend had become more and more outdated as I began developing the framework for proprietary systems, forgoing updates to my personal copy. In fact, the newest iteration of said framework most likely did not share even a single line of code with the version I had operating under noahnu.com.

With that in mind, I would rather not maintain the codebase for a personal blog and portfolio. This has led to my use of WordPress, which I have since embraced as a replacement for my personal website.

I will not be migrating all of the content over from my previous website – mostly because I’m not much a fun of my earlier posts. Going forward, I will make a commitment to keep this blog up-to-date.